Can a Hair Dryer Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

  • on January 26, 2023
Can a Hair Dryer Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

Yes, it can fix your cracked TV screen, but if it does not, there is an alternative. I won’t talk about the hair dryer option as your question indicates you are well aware of what you need to do. If you need a suggestion, don’t let the hair dryer be too close to the screen.
Now as for the alternative, all you need to get the work done is a dryer sheet.
See, you don’t even need much; you are gonna take the dryer sheet, and you are just gonna rub it on the cracked part of the screen. Just as you were applying heat via the hair dryer; the difference is in the contact between the material used and the TV screen.

Don’t apply too much pressure, or else it will get black.

You have to be careful because you don’t want to apply too much pressure. If you apply too much pressure you could make it worse, and the whole screen can go black. So you want to be very careful with this.

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Keep massaging the spot gently

So again you kind of want to massage the spot where it is at. You got to be patient, remember, it might look like it is getting worse but you just gotta kind of figure out where the main spot is. You are going to hit a specific spot so continue to massage the spot and you have to use the fibers. I don’t know if it is like a trunk of electric fibers; there are fibers in this dryer sheet that will make everything go back to how it was.

What if your screen goes black?

Okay so if your screen goes black; it is simple all you have to do is turn it off which gives it a reset. You have to hold it then turn it back on. Don’t panic, all right. If you make it worse, don’t panic, it is okay if it happens.

Give it time to reboot

You turn it back on and give it time to reboot and then you have to pick up from there. Okay so after about 10 minutes, let it reboot, take your dryer sheet and try to pretty much get it back to where it was. It will work, but you have to be patient with the process to see the desired result.

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